This interview was conducted in October 2000. Guru was a lynchpin in my adolsecent interest in hip hop, so I was very excited about talking to him (I was 22 at the time). I’ll always remember this interview not so much for the content but for Guru’s incredible eloquence and ability to bring any question I asked him back to his message about his new album (not all of which I typed up!). He struck me as a very intelligent, thoughtful person – someone who was in love with his artform. Rest In Peace, Guru.

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“I’ve not got any hate left for anybody. I’m not saying I‘m walking away from anything I did in the past but I’ve moved on from it.”


Brad Strut interview by Vern Pitt (@VernPItt) who writes at Diffs Got Hip Hop.

When Brad Strut (MySpace profile) strolls into the pub in London on what could only be described as a mild day at best, he’s rocking board shorts and thongs. Proof positive that you can take the boy out of Australia but you can’t take Australia out of the boy.

Why move from Melbourne to London?
Basically I needed a change of scenery. My girlfriend was moving here for professional reasons. [So I thought] ‘Where did I want to end up?’.

The UK seems like a harder place for an independent Hip Hop artist to survive?
A lot of people at home have this fantasy ideal that British Hip Hop is just as big as its own and probably bigger. The scene here has its moments but Australia is probably a better place for an independent Hip Hop artist to be.

It is a healthy scene over here. You don’t have a national radio station over here or one that is as prolific as the one over here and knowing that if you get a song on the Js [Triple J] then you know that a lot of regular people might have that on in their cars and boom you’ve got a profile.

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16 good Twitter-ers from the Australian hip hop scene

May 30, 2009

Hip hop heads are finally finding their way onto Twitter. I watched it happen on Friendster then MySpace – hip hoppers seems to be in that gang of people that hits new social networks just after the technology and marketing community. But, to be honest, a lot of the hip hop types on Twitter suck [...]

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Lazy Grey ‘Dont Cha Hear Me’ – official clip

May 22, 2009

Brisbane’s Lazy Grey releases first video from album ‘The Soundtrack’ -out 26th June on Shogun. If you enjoyed the read, drop a comment below. We’re on Twitter too: @stealthmagazine.

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5 recent Australian hip hop videos from the Shogun

May 16, 2009

I’ve decided I’ll make this website thing easier on myself, and instead of having to spend hours trawling through old interviews all the time (I love it but I get too perfectionist with it all), every now and then I’ll just wack some good stuff up like the 5 videos below. If you blog, if [...]

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The Funkoars interview: staunch raunch out of Adelaide

January 27, 2009

“You never get the full picture of your music until you listen to it at the mastering studio and you have a 40-year old engineer mastering your shit, looking over his shoulder at you in disgust.” Trials Adelaide’s DJ Reflux, Sesta, Hons and Trials must be onto something with their crew, The Funkoars. Arguably the [...]

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Style Wars: Henry Chalfant & Tony Silver interview (Part 4)

January 27, 2009

In the final part of the Style Wars interview, Henry Chalfant talks about meeting Martha Cooper, and both men discuss what they did after Style Wars was done and dusted.

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Style Wars: Henry Chalfant & Tony Silver interview (Part 3)

January 26, 2009

“I think one of the things about the kids then which was very beautiful and limited them in certain personal ways was that they didn’t have a sense of the world. They had a sense of their own world.” – Tony Silver, Director of Style Wars In part three of this interview with Henry Chalfant [...]

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Run DMC interview: DMC on how to have a long career

January 15, 2009

Run DMC – hugely influential, a bridge from the old school to the new school, made striped tracksuits popular (at least twice), first group to get a large clothing sponsorship… Yes, many firsts. In this interview with Miguel D’Souza in 1998, and on the eve of that Jason Nevins remix (yes, the one that brought [...]

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Flavor Flav interview: 3 surreal hours in Kings Cross

January 14, 2009

Flavor Flav is one of hip hop’s quintessential characters. As Public Enemy’s eccentric, clock-wearing jester, he was the light-hearted Ying to Chuck D’s heavy-hearted Yang. In this impromptu 1999 interview in Sydney, Flavor Flav talks about Def Jam not supporting his album, voting for Nixon, being a drug counselor and African drum and dance teacher, [...]

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